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Small things we can do Thursday to win this referendum – So you’ve called your Granny, it’s time to call EVERYONE #MarRef #YesEquality

It’s nearing the day we make history. But history was never made on Facebook posts and a retweet is not a Yes vote. You may have gone canvassing, put together canvass materials, manned the phones at Yes Equality offices around the country, you may have even had that frightening chat with friends, family, acquaintances and even strangers, asking them to help make history on the 22nd of May – by being the first country to enshrine same sex marriage into our constitution. It can be done, but there’s one last push…Canvassing isn’t for everyone, and the chats over the phone and in person we’ve all had, be it on Facebook or in real life, have made a difference in securing a lead for marriage equality in the polls, but here are some things you could consider doing tomorrow that could make all the difference – small things. This referendum will be won if we can ensure people get to the polls. 

1. You may have already rang your Granny but it’s time to start calling your immediate family, your extended family to remind them to get out and vote tomorrow. You might even have the opportunity to turn a no vote into a yes – but more importantly is to remind those who have said they are voting yes to get out and use their vote – because it matters to you.

2. If you have a car, call up friends and check they’re ok to get to their polling stations. If you need a lift, check out #votemotor on twitter to see if there is anyone in your area doing lifts. You can also avail of free trips with Halo if you download their app.

3. You could set reminders for any of those forgetful so and so’s who may turn down voting for getting home early after work, you can do this here, https://www.yesequality.ie/getmetothevoteontime/

In extra notes,

4. Polling stations open at 7am so try to vote as early as you can – polls are open until 10pm.

5. If you are ok with it, you could ask family members to start calling their friends, to remind them why this is important, and why their turnout WILL BE KEY.

6. Referendums are won by a blend of activities, calls and messages on Friday reminding those to vote will also be useful to push poll attendance.

Anyway, those are just a few little thoughts I had, do what you can, if you have any more thoughts, comment below and I can add them in.

Let’s do this,